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VisorPhone Demo from GlobalXChange has a demo video of the Handspring VisorPhone in action.

Windows CE for Automotive
Hard on the heels of Palm's MobileAria announcemnt this week, Microsoft will display its new Car.Net for in-car computers today in Detroit. MS hopes 3rd party developers will write apps for the platform to allow drivers to access Web content.

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Even Coola than Coola

I.M. Anonymous @ 10/16/2000 6:09:49 PM #
If you just want to transfer text to your Palm, and have IE4 or higher, try IE2PDB. it takes up no space on my 3e, and it syncs to Cspotrun,so the 4K limit doesn't apply. Haven't used it long, but works pretty good so far. Hope this helps.


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