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Browsing the web today I came across some pics of the Prism and Platinum in action. All these links were found at Many of these appear to be from the press conference held in Tokyo yesterday to officially unveil the new devices.
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IPaq competitor

Edward Doan @ 10/17/2000 12:40:08 PM #
Come to think of it, a Palm Vc would make a great iPaq killer. We already have "jacket-like" accessories like the OmniSky modem. Maybe TRG came come through with a CF "jacket" for the V series. A PCMCIA jacket would be nice. Even an MP3 module or Bluetooth jacket would be cool. I don't know why Palm doesn't develop the V series further; it is the ideal form factor for a PDA.
RE: IPaq competitor
I.M. Anonymous @ 10/21/2000 9:40:32 AM #
If there was a Vc, TRG could make a pack that strapped all of that WindowsCE stuff to the Vc. You could detatch it, too, making it easier for you to use the V. IT would have a CF slot, 4 megs of additional memory, and a modem. Maybe there could be a ROM inside the device that held web-surfing applications.



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