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Nokia on Tuesday showed off an updated wireless gadget that looks like a cell phone on the outside but opens up into a handheld computer with a full keyboard for accessing the Web and email.

Nokia's dual-band 9210 Communicator, which supports 4,096 colors, is a new version of its 9110 model. The clam-shelled phone utilizes the EPOC operating system. It is unclear whether this model will see a US launch. However, Nokia is expected to release a Palm based phone sometime in 2001.

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Epoc Release 6 devices are coming..

I.M. Anonymous @ 11/22/2000 1:58:08 PM #
The Nokia communicator is just the beginning.. the beginning of the end for the Palm and PocketPC era.

Screen orientation

I.M. Anonymous @ 11/22/2000 2:04:45 PM #
This horizontal screen orientation is what Palm lacks as a cell phone OS.

Not in the US?

I.M. Anonymous @ 11/22/2000 3:58:00 PM #
Aww, now I have to move to Europe just so I can get a fancy phone... well, okay, if I *have* to... But seriously, this is what happens when you don't have a nationwide standard for mobile phones. The US is a big market, but if you have to support CDMA, TDMA, GSM, etc., in all their variations, the financials just don't make sense. This explains why we never saw the 9110i here either. I wonder if the 9210 will sell better than the previous 9xxx models -- I understand the GEOS-based models were real turkeys so far as sales go.

RE: Not in the US?
PMYirrell @ 11/22/2000 6:14:46 PM #
One of the things which stopped me from buying a Nokia 9110 was the lack of third party sofware - there seemed to be very little stuff written for it. Another factor was price so I will only be able to get one of these new models if they are cheap. (If they aren't cheap I'll stick with my IIIe

[ No Subject ]

Adam @ 11/29/2000 10:08:09 AM #
palms and pocket pc's aren't going anyplace dude


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