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Robert Hanssen, the man recently arrested in the U.S. for spying for Russia, used a Palm handheld to transfer top secret information. According to the The Register, Hanssen entered his meetings with the Russians into his Palm. He also got tired of going to remote places to drop off his stolen materials and asked his Russian handlers if they would let him use a Palm VII so he could transfer the secrets wirelessly.
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Reason number 4,501 palm needs a good spell-checking program

Spell @ 2/23/2001 2:41:35 PM # you don't look like an uneducated dolt when caught spying for the Russians.

Seriously, /this/ guy is betraying our national secrets? What are we doing to protect them, hiding them under a matress?


I.M. Anonymous @ 2/23/2001 11:55:17 PM #
He didn't use a Pocket pc!

This just proves "simplistic, bare bones, text only browsing" palms are a better choice than 9999999 mhz pocket pc's with "pocket internet explorer" and "email attachments"

Spies know their stuff right? ;)

could be considered a measure (albeit dubious) of sucess

I.M. Anonymous @ 2/24/2001 8:50:09 AM #
So this is how you know your product has mass appeal. When the criminals start using it. Seriously aside from being a traitor this guy should be hung from his thumbs. Do you know the paranoia this is going to great among employers that we are all using our palms for espionage



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