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In case you haven't noticed yet, The official HandSpring site has been updated. There is now and online ordering sytem and even software sales via PalmGear. They even have HandSpring shirts and hats. Also the Gadgeteer has posted an in-depth review of the Visor deluxe.
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International order?

Wolverine @ 10/6/1999 7:03:37 PM #
Wonders if Handspring has any plan to accept international
orders? So far I see that in the shipping info said that
it's for domestic US only... not even Canada =(

BTW... how come the vote don't have green?
and isn't graphite is just the same as black?

RE: International order?
@tomic212 @ 10/6/1999 9:12:30 PM #
Jezz, I forgot about green! I guess the whole poll is invalid now. The graphite is more of a traditional Palm color while black is well ... black.

New site won't let me in

tibbs @ 10/7/1999 8:28:33 PM #
when I went to the updated site, this is the page I got:

The license is invalid.
Please contact your site administrator.

Has this happened to anyone else? What does it mean?


RE: New site won't let me in
@tomic212 @ 10/7/1999 11:05:49 PM #
I had the same problem as well then I ust went to it now and got this error:

We are experiencing technical difficulties or extremely high traffic.

Please check back in a bit.

Looks like the're really making a splash at iWorld. All the traffic and shopping stuff must be putting a big strain in their webserver.



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