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In an update to a story we first brought to you in February, Motient, the network the RIM Blackberry uses, is displaying an "always on" Palm V modem at Chicago Comdex. The device is constantly monitoring its wireless ISP for new e-mail and users will be notified as soon as one arrives. The service has junk mail filtering and, using Motient's eLink Enterprise software, can download corporate e-mail. It will ship in the third quarter of this year for between $200 and $300. -Patrick Ryan

Handspring has announced regional retail availability for its VisorPhone through Best Buy stores in California and Nevada and Staples stores in California, Nevada, North and South Carolina, Tennessee, and Georgia. Cingular Wireless will provide the service plans for all of those markets. It costs $300 when purchased simultaneously with a service plan from Cingular Wireless. -Ed

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16 MB Edge in Japan

PFloyd @ 4/5/2001 11:34:39 AM #
Just watch. They'll be upgraded to 16 MB the same day....

RE: Edge in Japan
I.M. Anonymous @ 4/6/2001 2:56:32 PM #
The Japanese sure do love hardware hacks. Here's one I saw recently:

Wonder what they'll do with the Edge?

Palm III support?

STrRedWolf @ 4/6/2001 12:45:24 AM #
How about supporting the Palm III series? Supporting this one, even with a bridge, is worth-while! Don't make us have to use THE BRIDGE...


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