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The Mac Observer is speculating on comments recently made by Oracle CEO Larry Ellison. "A hint was dropped that appears to support long standing rumors that Apple was planning to release a handheld computer." We've speculated on this before, and there was no announcement at the latest MacWorld, but Steve Jobs does have a well documented interest in the PDA market.
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I believe!

wookie @ 10/12/1999 1:37:15 AM #
I strongly believe (and hope) Apple is working on its Palm compatible PDA. There were rumors around...

I bet it will be called iPad!

A new PDA from Apple would be great!

Juerg Hoelzle @ 10/12/1999 7:41:35 AM #
When Apple (Steve Jobs!) stopped all development on the Newton technology they promised a similar product "within a year" (I am remembering.).

I have to replace my Newton and a PDA from Apple with an enhanced PalmOS (HWR) would be great. The NewtonOS is still better tha PalmOS but I don't think it is good to make another new OS for a PDA.

It would be time that Apple tells the truth if there is a PDA from them or not!




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