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There have been a slew of new Palm designed web services launched lately and here's a recap. put together a wireless web portal (PR below). is now live, which let's you view zip file contents on your palm. Plink! is a robust Palm net gateway. I also noticed this neat palm ping tool from Snakefeet.
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Down Press Release

@tomic212 @ 10/20/1999 10:05:34 AM #
TRABUCO CANYON, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 18, 1999-- SqueezeNet, a division of Diamond Star Technologies, announced the launch of, a web site providing access to brand name content reformatted for multiple wireless devices.
SqueezeNet's goal is to make it as easy as possible to access the web from any one of the many wireless devices currently available.
"Part of the problem," comments Walt Arp, president of SqueezeNet's parent company, "is that it's difficult to just start using the web with a wireless device because there are no standard formats yet." SqueezeNet solves this problem by working with web sites to enable them to provide content to multiple devices without changing anything from the client's original web site.
SqueezeNet already has a portal especially formatted for Palm OS devices, such as Qualcomm's pdQ Smartphone, Handspring's Visor, and Palm devices with Internet access. The company is currently working on creating a portal for CE devices and PCS phones. Now, anyone with a wireless device can access the web at anytime, without downloading special programs or setting up special "channels" ahead of time.
"After all," observes Arp, "sometimes you don't know ahead of time what type of information you might want from the web. For example, you may have an emergency that requires immediate access to the web. It has to be quick and it has to be easy. That's why we created SqueezeNet."
SqueezeNet's "nothing to download, just point and go" strategy may well be just what the industry needs right now. Never before have there been so many options to access the Internet. Unfortunately, wireless web access is in its infancy - just like the Internet was five years ago. However, all of that is about to change. Hardware, network infrastructure, software and Internet content are coming together at such a rapid rate that the wireless web may prove to be bigger than the Internet itself. At least that's what SqueezeNet is counting on...

About SqueezeNet

SqueezeNet specializes in creating relationships with companies that want to put some or all of their content on the wireless web. The company provides tools, services and advice to help accomplish this.
SqueezeNet's launch of, the gateway to the wireless web, demonstrates its commitment to wireless access to the Internet. The web site is a free service for accessing wireless web content from leading information providers.
If you don't have a wireless device yet and you want to get a feel for what it will be like, try the Virtual Wireless Device demo at the company's Web site: For more information, please visit the site or contact Walt Arp at



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