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IBM has released four new IBM DB2 Everyplace handheld Developer Tools, which include the DB2 Everyplace Mobile Application Builder 7.2, the DB2 Everyplace for Java Database Edition 7.2, the DB2 Everyplace Database Edition 7.2, and the DB2 Everyplace Enterprise Edition 7.2. -Frank

LandWare's 9-Ball Pinball now offers color handheld users enhanced graphics with an exciting new skin. It costs $15 and is a free upgrade for registered users. PalmPak Game Card owners can upgrade for $5. A demo is available. -David Porfido

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Binks @ 8/10/2001 8:11:48 AM #
Landware keeps putting out stuff but not the floating point for the m50X series when the heck is that gonna be along?

Also First POST!

RE: When
Dave @ 8/10/2001 10:29:46 AM #

Thanks for your interest! The m500 series floating points are done being manufactured and are in transit to LandWare as I post. If you wish to be notified when they arrive, please go to:

Wrong email for Wichita PUG

I.M. Anonymous @ 8/10/2001 8:13:14 AM #
the email is

RE: Wrong email for Wichita PUG
Ed @ 8/10/2001 9:55:46 AM #
Justin, I double checked and you sent me the wrong address. You might want to take a look at everywhere else you submitted this because if you just cut and pasted, they all got the wrong address, too.

News Editor
Palm Infocenter

DB2 Everyplace for Java doesn't run on Palm OS

I.M. Anonymous @ 8/10/2001 8:53:06 AM #
DB2 Everyplace is a family of Database products.

DB2 Everyplace for Java is a 2MB Pure Java DB that runs on any platform with a full JVM, it does not run on J2ME or KVMs (which means it won't run on Palm, but will run on WinCE).

DB2 Everyplace Database and Enterprise Editions run on Palm OS, Windows CE/Pocket PC, EPOC R5, QNX Neutrino, Linux, and Win32. It comes with a Command Line Processor and a sample application. Its only 150KB.

DB2 Everyplace Mobile Application Builder for Palm OS enables you to create Palm OS apps that use DB2 Everyplace without writing any code. But first you have to set up the GNU Tools for Palm toolchain (which is a pain).

Enterprise Edition comes with a Sync Server which requires IBM DB2 to run, but syncs DB2 Everyplace to Oracle, MS SQL Server, and DB2.

Pretty solid enterprise mobile middleware...

RE: DB2 Everyplace for Java doesn't run on Palm OS
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/10/2001 11:09:59 PM #
I'd like to be able to make my own custom databases and web clipping applications for palm os using ibm developer tools, but I haven't researched it yet.

PenBase for Palm

I.M. Anonymous @ 8/12/2001 3:02:15 AM #
if you look for custom db tailored for mobile devices, check out!


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