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Here's an article from ZDNet on the color issue. They provide some more insight into the color question. They mention that the next version of the OS will be out in about 6 months and they are discussing color with their licensees. Palm Station has some pictures up that are supposedly of the color os running on POSE. I have to admit that I am highly skeptical about the pictures. They could be easily be forgeries. They look good though and I'd like to be wrong. Also HandSpring's Shipping News page has been updated with a letter from Donna Dubinsky.
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Screenshots are real

I.M. Anonymous @ 10/21/1999 10:17:12 AM #
Maybe I didn't mention this before, but developers at PalmSource were given a CD with a colour-capable version of POSE as well as pre-beta 3.5 beta ROMs that support colour.

The screenshots are real, however the startup screen we've been told may be taken out. It's just a placeholder for now.



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