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ZDnet UK takes a look at how Apples' planed new PDA, the iPocket, might look like and function. I must say that the picture they have is pretty eye catching. The device will be based on the Palm OS. Maybe even the new color version we've been hearing rumors about. Here's the link.
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Yeah, Suuure

Justin @ 8/20/1999 4:43:27 PM #
I'm a mac evangelist and I'd love that, but I personally dont think it will happen for awhile. Apple doesnt have enough consumers yet to release there own PDA. And It probably wouldnt be very compatable with PCs, which rules out too much of the market.
RE: Yeah, Suuure
NumLock @ 8/20/1999 5:00:57 PM #
I think apple would be stupid not to release thier
iPocket along with the new iBook. And in fact I saw that the iBook will ship with the Palm Desktop


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