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Here's an interesting story on Kids and teachers at a Palo Alto High School were given free Palm VII's with unlimited wireless access in a Palm sponsored experiment. The kids had mixed reactions about the devices, but most found them useful. They were predominately used for email, schedules and movie listings. It's definitely a worthwhile read. These kids don't know how lucky they are getting free unlimited access!
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Adam Lynch @ 12/22/1999 5:46:04 PM #
I think I went to the wrong highschool.... :-)

Should I move?

Joe @ 12/23/1999 10:16:43 AM #
Haha, I'm going to highschool next year, wish i was going to Palo Alto!!

ha ha

numlock @ 12/23/1999 11:37:32 AM #
Guys look at the article. It's an ALL GIRLS school :)


Matt @ 12/26/1999 1:42:58 AM #
Lucky little twerps. I would die to have 8 megs of ram. I filled my palm IIIe ram in three days and I can't upgrade without adding a thing to the bottom of it.

Tinuviel @ 12/26/1999 12:33:36 PM #
Lets hope when Sony releases their wireless Palm with downloadable music files,etc, that they don't use as their providor- A single mp3 download would cost you over 300.00 in airtime!


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