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Ralph La Tella announces the immediate availability of his book entitled "The 1999 Guide to Handheld and Palmtop Computing Resources for Health Care Professionals". This 57 page guide describes the major medical software available for the Psion series 5 and 3, Palm Pilot, Windows CE, and Newton OS platforms. A full table of contents is available at:
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How can two Palms share a common calendar program?

Mark Slabinski, MD @ 8/23/1999 10:49:14 PM #
My wife and I are both physicians with busy professional and social schedules. I bought us each a Palm V with the intention of using them to "sync" our schedules with each other via the PC HotSync feature. However, to date, I have no clue how to sync both calendars into one "master" calendar. Each Palm seems to want to sync only to its own users database. I know this must be possible to do! If anyone has an idea for me, please let me know (directly to my e-mail:" class="news"> ) - any help at all will be most greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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