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Xerox won a ruling that lets the world's biggest copier maker pursue 3Com in court on claims it infringed on a handwriting- recognition software patent used in Palm electronic organizers. The U.S. Patent and Trademark office confirmed Xerox's patent Dec. 16, prompting both companies to ask a federal judge to lift a June order suspending the suit, 3Com said in a Securities and Exchange Commission filing. Xerox sued U.S. Robotics, now owned by 3Com, in 1997 in U.S. District Court in Rochester, New York, saying it invented the recognition technology in 1993. Read the full article at CNET.
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Hmmm...Now WHO developed Grafitti??

MC @ 1/13/2000 9:00:27 AM #
Interesting that none of the recent articles on this subject mention the fact that it was Jeff Hawkins who developed Grafitti...I wonder if he left to form JD Technologies with knowledge that this storm was brewing???

Just can't win.

vetto @ 1/13/2000 10:35:00 PM #
Gui, mouse, and now Graffiti. you'd think they would learn.
RE: Just can't win.
lanrat @ 1/17/2000 11:50:27 PM #
Palm came out with Graffiti in 1994, so the development was done earlier than that and the target was Newton. Xerox filed for patent in 10/26/95, a year later. So, how do you explain their lawsuit? Is it proactive to 1994?


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