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Robert Zach wrote in with his impressions of the soon to be released Stowaway Folding Keyboard from ThinkOutside, the keyboard that fits in your pocket. Click the read story button for his letter detailing his initial experiences with the keyboard.
I already sent you a simple "Thank You" letter, but now after playing with the Stowaway for two days I'd like to let you know my impressions of the product....In a word...
I was going to send you a glowing response the very same day I received the unit, but I figured I'd live with it for a full two days before I sent any response. I thought that I'd calm down and send you some more usable/valid (you know, beta program type) feedback; well I was wrong, I'm just as impressed today as I was yesterday! More...
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Think Outside Stowaway Keyboard

reidjazz @ 1/13/2000 11:59:24 AM #
Sure wish I had one of these to beta test!! I've been "craving" one of these puppies ever since I first read about it (which was even before I bought my first Palm device--a IIIx)!! Any idea as to precisely when these will be shipping for Palms? I've heard that the Visor version is supposed to be out in early February.

Avaliability in the UK?

Richard Kershaw @ 1/14/2000 1:20:58 PM #
Does anyone know if and when the stowaway will be avaliable in the UK?
How much will it cost, if not in the UK, in the US?

Other keyboard layouts?

Martin @ 1/21/2000 9:48:11 AM #
What I would really love is the support for foreign country keyboard layouts (in my case Germany). For example, we have a QWERTZ layout instead of the QWERTY in English speaking countries (not to speak of all those special characters, e.g. φόδ). Maybe somebody tells the guys...

my impression of the Palm Portable keyboard

I.M. Anonymous @ 11/9/2000 3:52:16 AM #
I was so impressed with this keyboard that I just wanted to type to get the feel of the keyboard that some how this little practice session turned into a review of the keyboard itself.

I will say this much, if I didn't like his keyboard so much, I would be writing this review back on the old desktop. But the way I see it, there is nothing like writing the review of a product on the product itself.
The things that I like about the Portable keyboard. 1) It is full size! It is the most important feature that I like.
2) It is very portable (more so than my palm when it is in its protective case).
3) The cursor keys are in the correct arrangement (the upside-down T)
4) Also the designer of the this nice keyboard were wise enough to add my second most used key from my PS2 keyboard, the DELETE key, just to the left of the cursor keys. By the way, my most used key is the backspace if you were curious.

There have been a few changes since I started using the portable keyboard. The most dramatic is, I do not use my WORKCOMP software as a word completion utility as much, I use it as more of a dynamic spell-check. The reason being that I find it just as fast to type the whole work as to just picking up the stylus and tapping on the displayed selections.

Although I love this keyboard there are few things that I find a little less than excellent. I purchased the portable keyboard that was designed for the Palm III, VII and the M100 and I am a little let down by the connector that goes into the bottom of the Palm device. On my palm IIIxe the connection was very tight and unstable at best. It feels as if the palm is not completely seated. My exposure to the M100 has been limited at best. I have discovered that Palm Computing, in all there wisdom, decided to change the serial connection on the bottom of the M100 just slightly and as a result the existing accessories for the III series will not work directly on the M100. Why Palm computing took this action is material for an entirely different article altogether! Lets just say because the keyboard is built for both old style and new style palms the connector has to be "universal" I suppose that this is the trade off to having to buy/build a keyboard for the M100.
Another issue I can't really comment too much on yet, that is because only time will tell what the durability of the keyboard will be. It has three hinges with electrical connections that pass through each of them. I have to think that they would eventually wear out. But to its defense, I have seen a store demo model over at the Franklin/Covey store in the mall. I was told that this keyboard was about 6 months old, and it appears to be holding up quite nicely.

There is one very odd thing about the keyboard that I don't understand. Just to the right of the spacebar there is a key labeled "space". If you push this key you get a space on the display just like space bar. Why it is there I could only guess!

RE: my impression of the Palm Portable keyboard
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/15/2002 11:10:00 PM #
The spacebar doesn't work on mine; only that little space button does. Is this a disfunctional keyboard?


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