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Another Palm V case hits the market. But this one is different: not only is the look very original, but also, it's free! No, you won't really get one for free. But it's made from commonly available parts and you can download full instructions on how to build it. If you still haven't found a case that you really like, or if you're a tightwad, take a peek at the "Palm V Quick Draw Holster" site:
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I like it!

Ziggy @ 8/22/1999 2:45:33 PM #
I like the case and the concept is cool. I'm gonna try and make on of these.

Just 1 problem

LBecker @ 8/23/1999 1:04:21 PM #
As far as I can see, there's only one problem with the design. If you sit or crouch down with this case clipped to your waist in front, it could easily 'squirt' out and tumble to the floor. Just be careful...


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