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Update: (10/16) Things are now back to normal. You should now be enjoying a much faster version of PIC.

PalmInfocenter is now running in a temporary, overload mode due to very high traffic. News stories will only display the top 50 comments in order to ease the load on the server and keep the site running smoothly for everyone. As the situation improves we will bring back comments in thier entirety. I am also hard at work on some server/code optimizations. You can still post & view comments, but when a story has more than 50, only the first 50 will display.

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Go Ryan Go!

KRamsauer @ 10/15/2002 10:18:26 AM #
You can do it! Keep up the great work!

RE: Go Ryan Go!
mashby @ 10/15/2002 10:37:16 AM #
Ditto! Excellent quick response.

Michael T. Ashby

Spelling Flame :)

bcombee @ 10/15/2002 12:45:21 PM #
It's "overload", not "oveload"... or does the optimization drop occasional letters from text to keep the bandwidth down :)

Seriously, I'm curious as to what's causing this spike in PIC demand right now. I didn't see a link to this site from any of the high-volume news sites I read, and I don't see any stories posted that would attract a huge amount of attention.

Ben Combee, CodeWarrior for Palm OS technical lead
Programming help at

RE: Spelling Flame :)
Admin @ 10/15/2002 12:56:38 PM #
thanks Ben, its a combination of higher than average traffic and a bug somewhere that's killing our CPU. I've just about have a fix ready.

RE: Spelling Flame :)
twalk @ 10/15/2002 1:00:06 PM #
I think they got slashdotted recently.

RE: Spelling Flame :)
Gepeto- @ 10/15/2002 1:59:36 PM #
I think it's mainly because of Palm OS being released soon... I personally checked a few times today just to know if Dell did start shipping the NX70 before SonyStyle (would be surprising but could happen) so I put like 3 times more load on the site than usual... But I guess once they fix that bug the server will handle quite a bit more !


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