Comments on: Handspring Launches GPRS Treo 270 for Rogers Canada

Handspring, Inc. today announced the availability of the Treo 270 communicator with GSM/GPRS network compatibility for Rogers AT&T Wireless customers across Canada. The Treo 270 from Rogers AT&T Wireless is a compact, full-colour wireless communicator that integrates a wireless phone with applications such as e-mail and Internet access, and a Palm OS organizer all in one.
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Why not GPRS Compact Flash?

jonr @ 11/11/2002 10:24:07 AM #
Like this one:
Has somebody seen this work on the Palm? doesn't mention PalmOS software, though.

RE: Why not GPRS Compact Flash?
Fly-By-Night @ 11/11/2002 10:30:04 AM #
No real need. If all new PDAs come with Bluetooth (hint to Sony); and all new mobiles also have Bluetooth (all the new ones in Europe anyway, but then we're not saddled with Qualcomm!); then you end up with a much more flexible package.

I need a phone *all* the time, but a PDA only *some* of the time (certianly not out on the lash or clubbing, or mountain biking, etc.). Personally, I think the modular approach utlising Bluetooth is the way ahead and we will see less an less of the current 'smartphones' and communicators.


RE: Why not GPRS Compact Flash?
Fernando @ 11/11/2002 10:32:57 AM #
well, the main reason that there isn't a dprs comactflash for palm is that the vast majority of palms (Palm, Sony, Handsrping) don't have compactflash. The only one that i'm aware has a compactflash is Handera, and that is long gone. Formats like SD/MMC and Sony's memstick are more difficult to produce a gprs card for simply because they're smaller. Plus, would u really want a gprs card for ur sd/mmc if your battery life went down to two hours?

RE: Why not GPRS Compact Flash?
olgiati @ 11/11/2002 11:03:05 AM #
bt phone + bt palm/ bt computer = true
and the consumer gain is huge, bigger than the phone/pda companies gain. You get the freedom to upgrade and choose cellphone network and palm/computer and diferent times.
And keyboard and extra screen . . . .
Would be great if the treo had bt.


Too much money

serpico @ 11/11/2002 1:09:05 PM #
I think I would rather have a Sony Ericsson T68i for half the price in CDN. Bluetooth and OSX compatiblity works better than the pc link software I have read. Handspring may not be around for too long as the Treos will not save the company. I believe there is a small market for this up here, but most people prefer a real cell phone with PDA features like calendar and address book. Just my 2 cents guys.

RE: Too much money
Gepeto- @ 11/11/2002 1:14:24 PM #
I have a is nice, but the PIM in it just doesn't cut it. Of course next pay day I'm getting a bluetooth Tungsten, so I'll have a wireless PDA through bluetooth/GPRS, but it's gonna be more expensive than just a Treo !



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