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Handspring today announced a new offer for its Treo for the price of $99 after mail in rebate. For a limited time, and only while supplies last, customers who purchase a Treo 180 or 180g with a GPRS service contract from T-Mobile will be eligible to receive $150 through a mail-in rebate.
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Nobody's interested?

ardee @ 12/9/2002 2:15:51 PM #
The complete absense of postings here in the first 4.5+ hours may say something about the interest level (and about the future of Handspring).

RE: Nobody's interested?
markgm @ 12/9/2002 2:21:11 PM #
I kinda thought the same thing when I first read it this morning. I was about to post, then closed the window. The reason for my post was looking at the Handspring site and seeing that they are giving a DVD player away with the purchase of select Treos. When I clicked on the Treo 90, the said more about the free DVD player than the handheld. Having owned a Visor Deluxe, I know they are capable of great products. Owning a few Sony products since then, I am waiting for Handspring to come out with a product to really knock my socks off. I'm not sure why, but with the PalmOS, I have no brand loyalty amoung Sony, Palm, or Handspring, and would buy from whichever company has the best product out at the time.

RE: Nobody's interested?
hoodoo @ 12/9/2002 3:44:17 PM #
I'm interested at this price that's for sure; I would much rather have the 180 than a Kyocera 6035!. But Rogers in Canada here still wants $599 for the 180 and $699 for the 270 for 2-year plans. Plus their unlimited data plan costs a fortune plus you need to get air time also.

T-mobile in Europe goes for Win Ce

cyman777 @ 12/9/2002 4:27:30 PM #
Unfortunately in Europe (at least in Austria) T-Mobile does not sell treos. They only push their crappy MDA, a Windows CE powered smart(?)phone.

This is really bad, as Palm is talked to death in Europe - everybody thinks they won't survive against M$ in the near future.

T Mobile GPRS Cost

bsmith @ 12/13/2002 2:52:07 AM #
The T-Mobile GRPS/Internet Cost is still too high. Sprint's offer is still much better with UNLIMITED access!


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