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I'm sure many of you are tired of hearing about the constant Apple/Palm rumors but this story on MacUser looks like the most credible account yet of the much anticipated device. The article claims it will feature a springboard expansion slot, color screen and wireless connectivity, possibly based on apple's airport. It only seems logical since the new MAC OS X will have built in support for Palm OS devices and Steve Jobs really likes Palm devices.
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Awesome Palm. Best yet?

Garrido @ 2/10/2000 7:32:07 PM #
I mean sure the Visor was a hit, but this thing is PACKED with features! Personally, I think this could be awesome, that is, if all of the rumors are true. Personally, this is my dream machine. Must be expensive though. And hopefully there will be PC support.

The perfect combo

Papoose @ 2/11/2000 3:07:18 AM #
Imagine walking into the reach of the Apple airport: as you get home, before you even sit at your desk your palm is sync'ed! finally reach the diversity of the internet from the comfort ur restroom :-)


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