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reviews ... You're working of a new proposal or your updating a users manual. You're just about finished, it needs to be proofed, but you don't want to carry around a stack of papers. You consider using your Palm, but the file too big to use notepad, and besides, you would lose all of the formatting. What you need is RichReader by Michael Arena. This doc reader allows you to convert your Word document, which was saved in rtf (rich text format), and view it on your Palm. The program takes up about 106k of memory (35k for the reader, 60k for the fonts, and 11k for the database). for the rest goto and look under the 'newest reviews section'.
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Actually, iSilo is much, much better

Alex White @ 2/24/2000 4:37:46 AM #
I looked at Richreader, but iSilo is much, much better. It has a smaller memory footprint, doesn't require additional fonts loaded, uses html files for sources, has hyperlink support built in, has an even more compressed file size, can view doc files too. It comes with the conversion utility and an app that allows you to snag web pages and convert them directly. There is even a free limited viewer!

Needless to say, I ditched Richreader and registered iSilo - it is one of the "must have" apps on my pilot! You can find it at" CLASS=NEWS> more details of this and other pilot software at





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