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MSNBC has an article entitled: Paper or Palm? Well, if you're here the answer is most likely Palm. In the story two Associated Press reporters one a Filofax paper fanatic, the other a Palm partisan explain why they're happy with what they have.
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The real question is 100% digital or plastic

e-tellurian @ 3/7/2000 8:33:16 PM #
Have a look at and see what they are
talking about there URL:,306,233,104,98,248,127&forum=4&conference=4&name=

Please" CLASS=NEWS>,306,233,104,98,248,127&forum=4&conference=4&name=

Please join in and share you thoughts about virtual
wallet. This is a consumer driven initiative.

Cheers the Dane

Business or Pleasure.

dkraft @ 3/8/2000 4:05:02 PM #
I am responsible for choosing technology for several companies. It wasn't a paper or plastic issue!
Criteria for the organization issue were as follows:
Does it work? Pass/Fail
Will it work? Pass/Fail
Does it work Faster? 30%
More Accurate? 50%
Am I interested in using it? 20%

As you can see, there is a rather large gadgeteer factor in there.
Taking on the facination of a Palm breeds a new thinking in organization.

Most of the Executive types can't type, and can graffitti faster than typing. Hands down no brainer there, They want to throw away the keyboard.

Palm won because of its support and breadth of market interest. Notice the sites are Palmxxx named, not CExxx.

Paper and Computer aren't really comparative.
You cant search faster on paper, and you don't have a backup of all the scraps of paper.

We waited about a YEAR till the Palm V came out, to get a good feeling about future development of the palm, now that they are going color (we aren't) it's all the more attractive. How many other organizers have more than one model cross compatability?

Technology or Trees
e-tellurian @ 3/8/2000 7:25:35 PM #
I do not believe companies like Palm or 6 million consumers would have invested the kind of capital they did if consumers did not believe what you found out in your poll. The gadgeteer factor is there because no one up until now found a real use for this extrordinary technology. It is interesting that we ask after the fact what people want. Did you have a chance to see what virtual wallet is all about? In e-com we have already passed the paper stage. Now we are passing the plastic stage. The next consumer choice will be 100% digital currency carried in Virtual Wallets. This is your opportunity to be apart of the process before it is built. Perhaps Virtual Wallet will address some of your concerns now before the capital is already invested. Virtual Wallet is for the people by the people. This solution will not become reality if you do not want it to. Please join the process and eliminate the gadgeteer factor. Cheers the Dane


CmdrTaco @ 3/11/2000 3:29:03 PM #
Palm is easy better than paper!


CmdrTaco @ 3/12/2000 9:54:13 AM #
Palm is easy better than paper!


CmdrTaco @ 3/12/2000 10:43:10 AM #
Palm is easy better than paper!


CmdrTaco @ 3/12/2000 11:55:46 AM #
Palm is easy better than paper!


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