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Wide screen usable

Gar @ 10/1/2003 8:01:33 AM #
You just gotta love seeing a spreadsheet on a wide screen like that. Yahoo! Book and calendar read so much better as well. While you still get to use the 'tall' mode for reviewing long lists.
Yea, I know, you already can see this, just stating the obvious. It's great to see a two way screen finally come to the palm OS!

My wife has to sell a lot of candles ( to buy her new Palm.
RE: Wide screen usable
orb2069 @ 10/2/2003 1:15:18 AM #
It's neat, but it's hardly ground-breaking - Almost all of this (Including 'graffiti anywhere', minimized toolbar sets, and toolbar widgets) were in Handera's 4.x OS 'release'.

The only new-new stuff I see is the Bluetooth module.

RE: Wide screen usable
ray00pal @ 11/4/2003 5:54:09 PM #
Is this screen better then SONY's? I thought SONY always have a better screen.



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