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Apple has released an updated version of iSync. iSync is Apple's synchronization program that keeps info from mobile phones, Palm OS handhelds, .mac and the iPod in sync.
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trophyofgrace @ 10/14/2003 3:11:03 PM #
Another reason to move to Mac...

Tyler Puckett
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Address book Syncing crippled

RiddlerG4 @ 10/14/2003 7:27:34 PM #
If you have different Groups of contacts set-up in Address Book in OS X, say "Family" "Business" etc, and use iSync they go across to the Palm and all get lumped together in the "UNFILED" category.

I have moaned about this for the last two releases with no joy :-(

This is the only annoyance in an otherwise great piece of software.

RE: Address book Syncing crippled
AKTON @ 10/15/2003 6:51:07 AM #
i wonder if you could help me with my system. every time I synchronize my Tungsten T3 with my G4 mac using the isync palm conduit, the program behaves as if I am syncing for the first time, and starts by installing programs and then going through the whole thing with getting contacts and adding contacts etc.. rather than simply update the changes. i have my conduit settings set to synchronize. what am i doing wrong??



vesther @ 10/14/2003 11:49:22 PM #
I guess there's some added convenience for Mac Users.

I guess one day there will be a day when I will have to move to a Mac....because I'm totally fed up with Windows......

However, one thing will not change when I move to the Mac....I'm still gonna be possessing Palm Handhelds everyday--The Enchanted Palm Handheld and myself will always be whole...even after I move to a Mac, more likely IBook.

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Foo Fighter @ 10/15/2003 11:19:15 AM #
Could you please elaborate on what it is about Windows you are "fed up" with?

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maven @ 10/15/2003 11:55:01 AM #
I could elaborate long and hard about my complaints about Windows, but this is hardly the forum for it ;)



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