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palmOne today announced the latest release of a developer toolkit that brings Java 2 Micro Edition support to Treo 600 smartphones and Tungsten handhelds, which significantly expands the capabilities of its product lines for business customers and developers. A beta of the new version of IBM's WebSphere Micro Environment Toolkit for Palm OS Developers, which includes a new high-performance runtime with support for the latest Java Community Process standards, was released to developers today.
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Verteron @ 12/15/2003 3:12:58 PM #
This sounds like a great move for Palm... hopefully enabling professional rapid application development on the platform. A lot of businesses use Java in house and having J2ME available will hopefully go some way to countering Visual Studio and .NET on PPC. Downloading now...

Finally! Hires Java

BartVB @ 12/16/2003 6:35:27 AM #
I tried this yesterday and it's a huge improvement over the old Java VM. It can finally do more than 160x160 and it runs a lot faster. I was planning on doing a Java Jabber client ( for the Palm but I wasn't very motivated because of the 160x160 limitation. It's really hard to do anything useful with a 160x160 screen, at least it is for me. Well, it's doable but it's frustrating if you know that most new devices can do at least 320x320. So I guess I should start programming again ;)

Jabber, the next-generation IM system.
RE: Finally! Hires Java
ldrolez @ 12/16/2003 4:53:00 PM #
You already had hires in java for a while with superwaba.
Superwaba is the best JVM for palm devices and it's free and open source ! Check out
And with superwaba, you get cool classes specialized for palm devices. I don't really see why you should pay for a JVM !

RE: Finally! Hires Java
ldrolez @ 12/16/2003 4:56:55 PM #
If you want you can also improve existing open source palm jabber clients:

- Jabber Palm :
- EB-Lite :



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