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hp job cuts Palm's soon to be new corporate administrators announced today they would be eliminating 9,000 positions over the coming years in a new restructuring effort. HP will be investing in fully automated commercial data centers, operated by its own converged infrastructure software.

The build up of data storage "cloud services" is being billed as a enterprise modernization effort and is aimed at better positioning the unit for growth. $1 billion will be spent on the transformation, which will end 9,000 positions over a multiyear period. According to the company the cuts will come from expected productivity gains as a result of the automation. A majority of the redundancies will be made from the business unit which includes the former Electronic Data Systems (EDS), which HP acquired in 2007.

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If it's truly EDS staff, good riddance...

jeffhoward001 @ 6/1/2010 10:34:24 AM # Q
If you've ever worked with EDS, they (used to be)/are a low-dollar IT out-sourcing shop primarily staffed with entry-level workers in India... Horrible management only concerned with the dollars associated with "butts in seats".

9,000 employees seems like a lot, but after working with EDS people for five years, I would agree that well-written software could replace the majority of the people I worked with!
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RE: If it's truly EDS staff, good riddance...
jeffhoward001 @ 6/1/2010 10:37:54 AM # Q
One other note, this probably has zero relation to the Palm acquisition. EDS was primarily IT support, so Palm employees are literally "worlds away" from this restructuring effort.
Tungsten T --> Palm TX --> TX & Centro (Good combo so far!)
RE: If it's truly EDS staff, good riddance...
cshunters @ 6/1/2010 11:57:48 AM # Q
Jeff, I'm making a small assumption that your interaction with EDS has been with off-shore resources not resources in the Americas, Europe or in Asia. These folks for the most part are helpdesk personnel. Similar to personnel other corporations leverage to reduce cost. In short, you get what you pay for.

Your generalization does a disservice to all the other men and women who built a world-class company. We had folks working on state-of-the art systems for security, NASA, etc... Unfortunately we had two CEOs that were less than stellar.

While your comment is correct that this restructuring effort is "worlds away", yours is coming.

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Can only get real service from telephone support

frankphi @ 6/7/2010 12:25:16 AM # Q
I hope this does not mean a reduction in telephone support. After repeatedly trying to make the person on the other end of text support understand my Laptop troubles, I got immediate service by calling the phone number.
RE: Can only get real service from telephone support
e_tellurian @ 6/13/2010 5:09:49 PM # M Q
Good point the moore tools customer service support cab afford the better the service. Enterprises have to be able to afford to stay in business. Customer service is very important to keeping the enterprise in business.


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What to do?

e_tellurian @ 6/13/2010 3:05:37 PM # M Q
9000 people could build more choices. What do we have to build that the Jetsons era did not have to build?


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