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Palm C40 Rumor: With little to go on other than the usually trustworthy "Ninja" reports the Boy Genius Report has posted an article referencing upcoming RIM and Motorola smartphones heading to Sprint. What makes the report so interesting is that amidst the flurry of new Blackberrry and Android releases, the mythical Palm "C40" has apparently popped up in the Sprint system yet again, signifying that Palm may be readying their first all-new device since last fall's Pixi.

With the stock price dropping and ominous rumors swirling, the time seems nigh for Palm to release a compelling new piece of hardware as its nears the one-year anniversary of the original Pre Sprint launch. If the Sprint internal inventory system proves correct, the long-rumored C40 stands to be the first new CDMA hardware from Palm since the Pre and Pixi Plus launched with Verizon in January. It is conceivable that Sprint may even be taking an uncharacteristic pass on the Pre Plus and Pixi Plus refreshes and heading straight for an entirely new form-factor device.

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Yep, yep, and uhhh yep.

LiveFaith @ 4/5/2010 3:48:10 PM # Q
Sounds about right. Palm needs to get a 4"+ screened WiMax mega-device into a lot of peoples hands quickly. This is what about a gazillion people have been begging for since the release of Palm OS 5 and YASSS (Yet another small square screen - Tungsten T) and even earlier.
As could be expected, what have been the hottest newsmakers in the past 3 years? Large screened iPhone, Droids, HD2s and even Palm made itself relevant with a 320x480. What have these people been thinking. Get this stuff out there and we'll throw hard earned money at it. Geeeesh!!!

Now, get ready for another 320x400 with a tiny KB ... :-)
Pat Horne

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fr4nk1yn @ 4/5/2010 7:45:50 PM # Q
I llove WebOS but the hardware needs some serious WOW to draw the crowd. Free and discounted phones are only going so far.

The render looks good but come on they couldn't get the slider right on the Pre. No more vertical sliders. Besides 4.3" is too big for a physical keyboard.

With all that said the C40 is mythical for sure and I doubt it's a anything. Somebody is laughing their ass off at us thinking a demo, or sonthing else mundane, is the latest and greatest.
If palm had something they would've announced it at CTIA. Bring on the Evo 4G.
Palm releases a new phone and my next upgrade will be all about that.

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jptx @ 4/6/2010 5:43:23 AM # Q
if track record is any indication, it's a fuscia pre..
RE: pre
LiveFaith @ 4/6/2010 6:11:09 AM # Q
Ha ... or an LED lit touchstone. :-D
Pat Horne
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