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The results of the PalmInfocenter/palmOne Romance Survey have been compiled and palmOne issued a news release based on the survey data. It was a tremendous success, generating more than 1,000 responses in just four days, with 67 Percent of respondents saying that their Handheld plays a role in their love life. Read on for the winning PDA romance stories...
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Thanks, this was fun.

halcyon @ 2/14/2004 3:16:12 PM #
Thanks a lot for pulling off this survey and prize competition. It was a lot of fun, and I was very eager to see who won (esp. if it would have been me).

Reading the winners is a good challenge to turn the charm up a little bit, too -- I know my wife would appreciate that.

Happy Valentines.

Thanks to PalmInfoCenter and to PalmOne

speedracer5 @ 2/15/2004 8:52:30 AM #
I believe it was a great contest. It was a wonderful thing that Palm decided to award two grand prizes. It just goes to show that a little imagination goes a long way. Thanks again, my fiance Lyn enjoyed her roses.

Micheal aka "Speed"

You may be a race car driver at heart if you refer to leaving your driveway as "Turn 1"

RE: Thanks to PalmInfoCenter and to PalmOne
GregGaub @ 2/15/2004 8:14:45 PM #
Hehe, you should have seen the smile on my wife's face as she put her roses into a vase. That poor old vase has been collecting dust for years. Like I said, I'll have a hard time following this one up. ;-)

-- SeaPUG: --

Congrats to the winners!

Vidge @ 2/15/2004 11:23:37 PM #
Great stories. Congratulations!

Moderator, Daily Gadget

Congratulations Greg!

mashby @ 2/16/2004 2:06:35 AM #
Way to go Greg! Hope you don't mind, but I'll be stealing your idea for MY anniversary coming up this May. :)

Michael T. Ashby
RE: Congratulations Greg!
GregGaub @ 2/16/2004 1:53:01 PM #
Everyone in the world can copy me, and more power to them! Good luck to all that do it, or anything else, to score some brownie points with their SO. :)

-- SeaPUG: --


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