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Wow, for all those IIIc users disappointed that all your 1-bit apps are either unplayable or too slow on your IIIc, check out "Depth". It lets you configure the color depth for individual apps. The app runs as a panel in the Palm "Prefs" app and is a bit finicky in terms of requiring soft resets to enable and disable it, but when running properly is a can't-do-without-it application. I can finally run Graviton on my IIIc, and at 1-bit color depth, Tank Pilot just screams: it is blazing fast, and I love playing it on that stylish retro-looking crisp white on black screen layout!
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Mhz ?

Rico @ 3/30/2000 5:41:51 AM #
The IIIc's processor is a 20Mhz. What about the classic Palm III ? Is it the same processor ? And the Palm V ?
Thanks !


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