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palm retail report Kris is back with his semi annual report on the state of Palm's retail presence in the US. In his latest report, Kris ventures out to the local Best Buy and a Sprint Store to checkout Palm's latest offerings and current product presence in the brick and mortar space.

Palm-Branded Accessories Now Available at Best Buy
While accessories don't make or break a company's fortunes, first-party accessories are a nice way to pad the corporate coffers while bolstering a firm's branding and visible retail presence.

Approximately five months after the retail launch of the Pre, retail giant Best Buy have finally begun stocking a full line of Palm-branded Pre and Pixi accessories. Interestingly, Best Buy's prices for the Touchstone cradle and the Pre Leather Side Case are $5 below Palm's MSRP and web store pricing. The Palm AC and vehicle chargers remain at the standard $29.99 price points.

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That Centro Deal Is Good! Or Was Anyway

DarthRepublican @ 12/7/2009 11:28:57 AM # Q
If Palm had put out an unlocked Centro at $199 at this time last year, I would have probably pounced on it and never bought my T-Mobile G1.
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RE: That Centro Deal Is Good! Or Was Anyway
hkklife @ 12/7/2009 12:06:53 PM # Q
A shame Palm never released a "special edition" or Centro 2 running Garnet in GSM & Verizon flavors.

All they needed to do was the 128mb RAM + soft touch paint from the red/green Sprint holiday editions from last year + latest version of PTunes Deluxe + DTG in ROM + a Seidio 1350mAh extended battery (Palm-branded, of course) and it would've been a winner.

And if on top of that they had swapped out the 2.5mm jack for a 3.5mm! I would've probably bought two!

P.S. IIRC the unlocked Centro was available last year around this time for $299ish but only in white.

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RE: That Centro Deal Is Good! Or Was Anyway
Gekko @ 12/7/2009 12:17:39 PM # Q

a 480x320 Centro would have been nice as a swan song.

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whiteasianrose @ 12/9/2009 7:24:56 PM # Q
Palm branded accessories for the Pre have been in best buy stores for month now
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