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Good Technology and palmOne today announced that the GoodLink wireless messaging and data access system, which is optimized for the Treo 600, has received the Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) 140-2 certification.
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Good Technology

pdaprogrammer @ 4/19/2004 12:52:52 PM #
I interviewed with Good Technology about year ago for a Palm programming position. I told the HR person about a previous program I had written for Palm OS that was for composing music. She then asked if it could play DVDs. How am I supposed to answer that?
RE: Good Technology
DevPOV @ 4/19/2004 12:59:34 PM #
Ha ha! That's pretty funny! I interviewed with a company for a Palm OS position and they asked me if I used MetroWerks C Compiler to create PocketPC apps...

RE: Good Technology
just_little_me @ 4/19/2004 6:08:57 PM #
I think it's a well known fact that HR people, and those in IT particularly, are complete and utter dolts who take prime position at the shallow end of the gene pool...


push email?

southbound747 @ 4/19/2004 11:59:43 PM #
i got spoiled with my palm i705 that had push email. i miss that with my sprint treo. i like the push email of the blackberry. does this goodlink thing mean i can get push email through my sprint treo?


ronhoney @ 4/20/2004 9:25:41 AM #
A lot of good the FIPS Cert will do; with the integrated camera in the Treo 600, you can't bring it into a lot of govt (mostly DOD) organizations. Wish the phone makers would realize that they should be offering these smartphones without cameras to greatly expand their market into the Govt realm.

Ron Honey
DevPOV @ 4/20/2004 2:08:09 PM #
I doubt that they are missing that. The Gov probably isn't that big of a market(!) as compared to "regular" industry. The certification is probably for those companies that see it and say "if it's good enough for the gov, it's good enough for us."

But I do agree - I wish this camera fad would pass - it just raises the costs.



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