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Sprint Treo Pro Palm's most recent Windows Mobile-based product, the Treo Pro, has now reached its one-year anniversary with no word of a refresh or replacement on the horizon. The newer Sprint CDMA version of the Pro does differ slightly in hardware and software than its older GSM sibling and has only been officially available for less than six months. However, speculation is mounting that Palm's Windows Mobile flagship device may be entering the twilight of its lifecycle.

This growing sentiment is primarily due to Palm's aggressive push of WebOS and a lack of rumors or commentary about future Windows Mobile products. In addition, Palm's only other relatively recent WM 6-powered device, the Treo 800w, has already reached EOL status. Even more telling, a number of users on sites such as TreoCentral are reporting that Sprint Treo Pro stocks are becoming scarce on retail shelves.

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No Palms on AT6&T?

vorlon @ 8/10/2009 6:08:15 PM # Q
Looks like AT&T (like Verizon) have abandoned Palm:
Are there any other operators in the US selling Palm other than Sprint? Or any in Canada?
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What a drag

mwrob @ 8/11/2009 5:16:24 AM # Q
That's unfortunate, I really like my Treo Pro and think it's much more powerful and functional than the Pre. I don't understand why it didn't sell better. Maybe the 800W left a bad taste in everyone's mouth.
RE: What a drag
LiveFaith @ 8/11/2009 7:10:39 AM # Q
Yes, this was a pretty nice and attractive device, if you are into WM and SSS. It was the first glimmer of innovation from Palm since the Treo 600. I don't see how it is supposed to grow marketshare for Palm without a lot of push and mainly compared to the host of similar looking Blackberries and other WM devices out there.
Pat Horne
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