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A new PDA usage study reveals 31% of respondents store company-sensitive information on their PDAs, half ow which without any sort of data protection. The survey also found that nearly one in four have had their PDA lost or stolen.
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securing the corporate pda

kkbass @ 5/3/2004 8:01:33 PM #
Novell has had a product out for years that manages & secures pda & data.

It does palm of course, wince/ppc, rim, & they are expanding it to others.

No, it does not require a netware server (most novell products dont)

RE: securing the corporate pda
prcoen @ 5/3/2004 10:46:12 PM #
For those of you who might remember it, Zenworks for Handhelds started off life as Callisto Orbiter. Novell aquired Callisto in November 2001 or so.


just_little_me @ 5/8/2004 10:11:01 AM #
After quite a bit of research we're now using AppLock from Pocket Science in Australia to secure Palm handhelds (OS 5 only currently) in our environment. Works great.

No affiliation, just a happy customer. We are however still looking for a similar OS 4 app.


Not just in business world

apike @ 5/9/2004 8:37:00 PM #
This is happening in the education world too; people aren't taking data security seriously enough. A lot of high schools now store student data on handhelds, and many are simply asking that users enable the built-in password protection. I mean, unless they're using something like Principalm - - that encrypts everything, then addresses, schedules, grades, attendance, etc. can be available to thieves in an unencrypted form. This is a serious issue.

PDA Security

jeffmcfarland @ 2/10/2006 5:44:26 PM #
Trust Digital has also offered similar security software for some time.


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