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Treo 800wA new rumor circulating online courtesy of Phone Arena has some interesting but bizarre details concerning a possible leaked Verizon Wireless handset roadmap. Despite having reached EOL status on Sprint after less than one year of service, Palm's Windows Mobile 6-based is reportedly coming to Verizon Wireless.

According to the report, this device's Verizon debut may not occur until February 2010, which is the timeframe that many users have been hoping for the Pre's Verizon debut. After the initial 2007 rumors, the device's release seemed certain for Q3 2008 last year, as the device even was mentioned in an internal Verizon presentation. However, 2008 concluded with no additional details about the device until now.

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Well...Palm DID say...

SeldomVisitor @ 7/20/2009 10:07:42 AM # Q
...they had an unexpected sale of inventory they already wrote off so maybe the 800w thing IS true!

From the last "earnings" (giggle) call:

== "...Gross margins in the quarter also
== benefited from ... unexpected demand for
== inventory that had been previously written
== down..."

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TIming seems odd

sbono13 @ 7/20/2009 2:07:27 PM # Q
Seems odd that Verizon would pay so far in advance if they weren't planning on launching until Feb 2010. Maybe Palm threatened to bury them in a landfill unless Verizon bought them right away.
RE: TIming seems odd
hkklife @ 7/20/2009 10:11:01 PM # Q
Hmmm, no, my suspicion is that they are going to flash 'em with WM 6.1 and sell it as the new VZW entry-level <$99 "Palm" phone. VZW probably got those 800ws for pennies on the dollar as an easy replacement for the Centro, which is basically gone already.

Besides, if/when the Pre DOES come to VZW, it'll look better for there to be more than a single Palm device on store shelves and the 800w doesn't trump the Pre in battery capacity the way the Pro does. I could conceivably see the 800w lasting for ~6 months or less on Verizon, bridging the Centro to Pre gap, then being replaced in Q2 2010 by the Treo Pro.
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Verizon Rumors

Amroth @ 7/21/2009 4:08:21 AM # M Q
Whatever happens, if VZW doesn't get a Pro or Pre by January, I will grudgingly leave my Palm days behind and get a Tour. I'm so tired of my 755 that I carry my iPod Touch around in addition to my phone like I used to with my old T5!
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