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mojo sdk webcastO'Reilly is putting together a webOS Mojo SDK focused developer webcast for next week. Held on Tuesday, July 14th at 10 AM Pacific, Automated Unit Testing with the Palm Mojo SDK will be presented by Christian Sepulveda, of Pivotal Labs (developers of Tweed).

Agile development expects that you will be implementing your applications in a test-first or behavior-first manner, progressively building a test suite as you build new functionality. This is known as Test Driven Development (TDD) or Behavior Driven Development (BDD). This leads to building your application in smaller steps, with solid code overage, and a test suite that allows you to change the code you're working on without fear of breaking other parts of your application.

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Native code?

CFreymarc @ 7/11/2009 2:10:20 PM # Q
And will there be a compile to native flag in the middle of all this?
RE: Native code?
dmitrygr @ 7/13/2009 7:54:53 AM # Q




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