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Doomling, the groundbreaking Palm 3D game was originally announced to be out on the 5th of April. On checking the site today, it has been delayed to the 24th "due to other commitments". You can sign up for an email list to be notified of the latest details on the project. Thanks also to Alan for sending in word of the delay as well.
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Looks good: how much?

I.M. Anonymous @ 4/7/2000 7:34:57 PM #
Hi, this is my first post with my palm, so if it comes out wrong... that's why. I think it is going to be cool, but I worry how much memory it will take up and if it will cost much, as i don't have too much to spend.

Palm III's forever!!


CmdrTaco @ 4/8/2000 4:39:45 AM #
Should be interesting, if only for ir deathmatchs.
Control system may be hit and miss though.


re: play control & deathmatch

[Bond] @ 4/8/2000 7:15:59 PM #
Yes, I hope play control won't be sluggish. How many buttons can the Palm understand at once.

Forgive me if i'm wrong but aren't deathmatch capabilities going to be left out of the first release?



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