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review ... By now your probably wondering 'What can't the Palm do?' Well ok it can't pay your bills. Then again, maybe it can. With the PayPal software and a PayPal account, you can even do online Money transactions. Don't worry it's free, and even better, they will pay you $5 just to sign up (limited time only). How about paying some bills now. All of this and the Palm software only take up 126k of memory. I'll start by giving a brief description of PayPal, and then jump in to the description of the Palm software. For the rest goto
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alan @ 4/10/2000 10:58:32 AM #
PayPal is great. A number of us use it at work and swear by it - lunch and beer money spliting has never been easier! And no, we don't work for them! Seriously though - they're recently merged with which I'm trying out as an on-line bank. So far I'm very impressed with too. So with them both linked up, moving and spending money has never been easier. Highly recommended.


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