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iambic has announced the release of Agendus Mail, a new email solution for Palm OS devices. Agendus Mail delivers full email functionality to the users of iambic's award-winning, Agendus for Palm OS Professional Edition, personal information management program.
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excellent program

chinchorrero @ 8/24/2004 9:53:21 AM #
Excellent program.
(free with Palm Pro )

"Life is Too Short"
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mrv @ 8/24/2004 12:28:17 PM #
I was a user of SnapperMail, however soon after my purchase I was informed that version 2 would soon be available at around another 50% cost.

I tested and liked Agendus Pro V8 so I bought it. It works great and the integrated mail is appreciated.

There are advantages to enjoy with an integrated product suite.

I recommend people to test Agendus Pro

Best Regards, mrv


Joao Gomes @ 8/24/2004 7:53:36 PM #
With Agendus Pro we are talking about a complete Life-Integration.

Best Regards

Palm Vx-> Palm M505-> Ipaq3970 ->T3

iambic mail on Verizon Treo 600

dickius @ 8/25/2004 9:05:34 AM #
Does anyone know if this will work with the "push" features on a VZW Treo 600?

Not so good. . .

sub_tex @ 8/25/2004 10:47:02 AM #
I've been looking for an alternative to SnapperMail ever since the (rediculous) pricing of the IMAP version was announced. I've been playing with the demo of Agendus Mail and although it has some nice features, it's got way too many problems (at least on my Treo 600) for me to consider it at all.

5-way nav support is severley limited and unintuitive (having to drill down through the whole email just to get the cursor to the bottom icons?? Sorry, but no).

The "Cancel" button when receiving doesn't work at all. At least not when I reoeatedly tried to stop my IMAP account from synching.

Text attachments get shoved into the body of the email and can't be saved to card or into memopad like they can in SM. (big flaw)

It's a decent app, and I'll be watching it for updates, but as of now, I'll stick with sucky POP access on SM-- aside from IMAP, the version of SM I'm running is almost perfect.



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