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Treo Pro ShippingAccording to reader reports, Palm has just begun shipping its first set of Treo Pro smartphones to pre-order customers in the US. Palm's online store listing for the device now states the Pro is in stock and ships within 1 - 2 full business days. The unlocked version of the Treo Pro sells for $549.00 and free shipping is still included on all orders.

Announced in late August, the Treo Pro is Palm's first radically redesigned Treo in a number of years. The feature packed Windows Mobile powered smartphone sports a sleek and glossy design, in a much slimmer form factor. For more details you can read our in-depth Treo Pro review and watch the initial unboxing video.

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oh yeah

TooMuch @ 9/26/2008 8:56:05 AM # Q
I made my Treo Pro order on 9.15.08 and accepted the "free" ground shipping. To my surprise I received a UPS Next Day tracking number dated today. Too bad tomorrow is Saturday (not a business day for standard UPS Next Day). Nonetheless, what a nice surprise coming for Monday. I expected it in early October. :)

RE: oh yeah
Gekko @ 9/26/2008 11:44:04 AM # Q

since when are you a winmob boy? are all of the palm apologists defecting???

RE: oh yeah
TooMuch @ 9/26/2008 12:49:24 PM # Q
:) Good question.

It hurts going WM but I need the 3G speed and wifi for tethering/travel. As you know, I tried the iPhone but didn't find it to be as productive as my Centro so I waited for this. Hopefully there is a Nova product in the future to meet my needs.

Until then it is Treo Pro with StyleTap.

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