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On September 13, the Los Angeles Palm User Group (LAPUG) hosts Sprint's Mike Blecher, Senior Account Manager and member of President's Circle Sprint-Nextel Business. Mike will discuss three Sprint devices: the Palm Centro, Blackberry Curve and Samsung Instinct. Besides contrasting the Centro with the other two, he'll also contrast the Instinct with the iPhone, since Sprint considers the Instinct its iPhone killer. And since AT&T recently presented their Blackberry offerings at this meeting, he'll contrast what Sprint offers in terms of Blackberry devices and service vis a vis AT&T.

LAPUG, recently resurrected last October, meets in Santa Monica, California, the second Saturday of each month. All interested in Palm and competing handheld devices are welcome to share in discussions. The agenda and further meeting details are discussed in the LAPUG Yahoo group.

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Centro to be given away

ralvy @ 9/11/2008 1:33:42 PM # Q
Mike, our speaker, told me this morning that he'll be giving away a Sprint Centro at this meeting.

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