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Black Treo 800wPalm's new Treo 800w is the company's most feature-packed Treo ever. So despite running Windows Mobile 6.1, the 800w certainly stands to garner a fair share of former Palm OS users looking to upgrade to a more modern, full-featured device. But one of the major criticisms most users have with jumping ship to Windows Mobile from the Palm OS (or indeed, during any kind of OS switchover) is having to re-learn formerly instinctive, intuitive commands, shortcuts, and menus.

Via their ChannelSource reseller portal, Palm is attempting to mitigate some of the potential confusion brought about by the 800w's version of WM 6.1 (since to many users, "Palm" is still analogous to Palm OS) by posting a handy getting started guide online. This quick guide, although intended for resellers of Palm devices, makes for a nice overview of the moist basic functions of wi-fi networking, GPS navigation, Today screen contact navigation, and application launching.

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Black Treo 800w

robin24k @ 8/13/2008 2:02:03 PM # Q
About the black version seen on the page, I think it's going to b the same thing as the 755p. It's the unbranded color. Alltel and Canadian carriers probably will get it.

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