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Fortte Leather Pouch Case ReviewI'm one of the proud few who choose to not carry my Treo 755p "naked" but rather contained within a thin pouch-style case in my pocket. Unfortunately, while pouch-style cases for Treos are plentiful, the vast majority of them have obese dimensions, with bulges and extra bulk added from various types of rear belt clips, mounting studs, and belt loops. I've long been searching for a fully-enclosed, pouch case that is as thin as possible while still retaining a top closure.

After conversing with fellow Treo users online, I determined that I was going to have to custom order a case tailored to fit my exact requirements. It came down to a close shootout between two similar pouch cases from New Zealand's Nutshell and Miami-based Fortte. In the end, I went with Fortte's Treo 680/750/755p pouch case, being impressed with their website and finding several reviews online giving the firm's products enthusiastic reviews. I deliberated for a day or two and then placed my order, undeterred by Fortte's advice that the construction and shipping of my case would take a good 3-4 weeks. I decided that good things come to those who wait, so I continued living with my trusty old Case-Mate case on my 755p while waiting for the new arrival to appear in my mailbox. Read on to see if my dreams for the perfect pocket pouch case have been met by Fortte's offering.

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GeorgeS @ 6/4/2008 2:26:37 PM # Q

When I purchased my Treo 755p I wanted something to protect it while it is in my pocket.

I tried the Smartphone Experts UltraSlim Pocket Pouch. It seemed perfect. Light, thin and provides protection. But after a few months of use, the case literally fell apart. The two halves are glued together, not stitched as it appears!

I discovered the Fortte case reviewed here and purchased it without clips, embossing, etc. However, I found the case bulky and stiff for my pocket. I almost considered selling it until I read your review. Maybe I need to break it in.

However, I decided to write the company to tell them - great job & nice case but that it is too bulky for use as a pocket case.

I sent them a link to the UltraSlim Pocket Pouch and told them I felt they could do this better. They responded and showed me a picture of a case that is in the works, something called a Slim Pocket. It looks just like the UltraSlim but hopefully with better quality.

I'm still using my UltraSlim, glued together and not sure what to do next.

Just my two cents...

George :)

RE: UltraSlim
hkklife @ 6/4/2008 2:49:35 PM # Q

I too thought I had THE perfect case with the SPE PocketPouch. A lot of "other" sites HEAVILY push that particular case. But almost overnight, mine fell apart in every way imaginable. The two halves of the shell case started to come unglued in one spot (but I was able to fix that) and the interior lining literally cracked off of the leather and started falling off in chunks. Then my SPE began to develop (shortly after my PIC review of it was published) a nasty inward "curl" on both sides that permitted the top 1/5th of my Treo to stick out unprotected. I am not rough with my gadgetry but I do use it often throughout the day...but then again, how rigorous can it be to take a smartphone in and out of a case that's kept in a jacket or slacks pocket? I take particular offense to shoes & cases that are glued together...neither one holds up over the long haul (or, in this case, more than a month or two!)

The Fortte case isn't perfect but it's certainly a far sturdier, better built case in every way. I'm definitely intrigued by the Slim Pocket case. Keep us posted when it becomes official and I'll be sure to cover it!

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