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Earthcomber today announced new features of its freeware personal navigator that allow users to mark and share places on the map. Earthcomber Version 1.2 lets users mark their favorite places on maps, either on their Palm-powered devices or directly on the Web, and then share those places through private and public groups in the Earthcomber community.
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Ho hum

palmdoc88 @ 3/8/2005 6:32:33 PM # Q
Why call it Earthcomber? It should be called North America comber. Hardly a global app. :P

T3 & T5 user
RE: Ho hum
cbowers @ 3/8/2005 7:28:23 PM # Q
Is it even that? I don't see evidence of inclusion of Canada and Mexico.

RE: Ho hum
cdunworth @ 3/8/2005 11:41:17 PM # Q
I with this weren't true, but it's a very real shortcoming of our location finder service. However, we had to start somewhere, and the U.S. happens to be our backyard (we're based just outside Chicago). Also, the U.S. Census Bureau has made relatively high quality map data of the entire country available for free (a price which is very attractive to a startup on a budget). So we then turned it around and made it free to Palm owners in a form they could take with them, with a layer of interesting locations to find laid out atop it (with more being added every day).

I still hope that you give the service a try, especially our new Community area (which is really the focal point of this release). And if you have feedback on the website or the Palm application, we would definitely love to hear it.

Kind regards,

Chris Dunworth
Earthcomber engineer

RE: Ho hum
LiveFaith @ 3/9/2005 10:26:43 AM # Q
Guys it's FREEware! Even if it were only for Toledo it would be a cool concept. Unless it hard resets your device, all freeware deserves 5 stars. Better than I can code it!

Pat Horne;
RE: Ho hum
palmdoc88 @ 3/9/2005 6:07:47 PM # Q
Ok, kudos for making it free. I do wish it could go global, since that would be really useful for International travellers. Though I do understand the current datasource limitations.
Let's see this app become truly an "Earthcomber" rather than something combing the steets of USA

T3 & T5 user

(not so) Ho hum
G M Fude @ 3/11/2005 2:17:56 AM # Q
My initial reaction was the same as cbowers and palmdoc but after Chris's fair reply I agree with Pat Horne.

Sounds like a great app -- could you add Melbourne, Australia next please, Chris? ;-) I hope it grows and grows, good luck in your venture.

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