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SplashMoneySplashData has released a desktop client of SplashMoney for Mac OS X. This new release joins last month's release of SplashID for Macs. Both applications synchronize with their respective mobile applications. With SplashMoney, Mac users now have access to a complete personal financial manager that enables them to securely record transactions, track account balances, generate reports and budgets, and manage finances while on the go. The desktop application features wireless access to online bank accounts, a streamlined user interface, charting of financial data, the ability to assign icons to transactions, transaction filtering, and bank account reconciliation. SplashMoney supports most account types, including checking, savings, credit card, cash, asset, liability, and money market accounts.
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that's strange . . .

kezza @ 4/23/2008 6:00:18 PM # Q
I got a copy of SplashMoney desktop for Mac a couple months ago, before SplashID desktop came out.

"Well, if it isn't the leader of the wiener patrol, boning up on his nerd lessons"
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