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Tank Ace GameRESETgame, makers of the popular Par 72 Golf, have released a new action title for Palm OS and Windows Mobile devices. Tank Ace 1944 is a 3D strategy shooter that puts you in command of a World War II tank. There are three different scenarios: Allied, German, or Soviet and three tanks a Sherman, Tiger, and T34, each with movable turret and cannon. The goal of each round of play is to clear the enemy from a map sector and drive them off the far bank of a river so that your side can cross and advance.

Tank Ace 1944 is available now for Palm OS and Windows Mobile devices. It comes with a free trial and costs $14.95 for a registration key.

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MyLifedrive @ 3/18/2008 1:39:38 PM # Q
The resettin of the screen each time you turn is no good- enough to stop me from buying
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