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EarthLink Wireless today announced a nationwide agreement with retailer OfficeMax, to distribute, market and sell the new EarthLink Wireless Treo 650 smartphone from palmOne.
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Smart (and unexpected!) move

hkklife @ 6/8/2005 4:30:28 PM # Q
I saw one of these in a local OMax just the other day. Or at least the display model. In a refreshing change for OM, the display was a live Treo 650 with functioning buttons & plugged into a charger. This is actually a very good move for all parties involved, as Omax has a nice retail presence in some smaller markets in the south that might not have anything else other than a WalMart or Radio Shack locally. If only Office Max's P1 display was as nice...the same store still had a peeling Zire 72 and a broken T|E display dummy with a T|E2 pricetag next to it.

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Treo: The saddest words I've read

mikecane @ 6/9/2005 12:41:01 PM # Q
>>>Finally, my Treo functions fully as a phone.

*FINALLY*?!!? What did they send out there to begin with?!!?

(This is probably old news to those who've followed the Treo from the beginning.)

This puts Ed Colligan's grin at the Treo launch in NYC in a different light... and not a good one, either.

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wesrubix @ 6/9/2005 5:16:56 PM # Q
earthlink wireless is actually including unlimited data for free, according to their emarketing website for the 650.

RE: pricing
wesrubix @ 6/9/2005 5:18:57 PM # Q
woops. actually i just looked at their latest site. apparently the 19.95 unlimited data service is "required". what a strange way to present your pricing. especially in gray text on white background.

RE: pricing
joad @ 6/12/2005 1:37:36 PM # Q
...that's typical of Earthlink. Scoundrels.

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