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Reacting swiftly to some users' concerns with compatibility with the new and improved YouTube Mobile site that we covered here last week, Kinoma has released another update for its superb Kinoma Player EX media player.

With this release, the Kinoma player is now up to version 4.4.1, up from October's 4.4 revision. This release is primarily a bugfix release to address the myriad of issues surrounding YouTube and Google Video playback, especially on Palm TX and LifeDrive handhelds.

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no audio

eke @ 1/29/2008 10:44:40 AM # Q
If I click on "watch video" from within Blazer, Kinoma opens and I get "unsupported audio format (AMR)". I can get video but no audio using a TX and Kinoma 4.4.1. I assume this update only applies to choosing YouTube videos from within Kinoma Player itself.
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