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MMPlayer PalmMMPlayer has recently received a new round of small updates. MMPlayer is a media player capable of playing many standard audio and video files. It supports DivX, AVI, Matroska, 3GP, mpeg-1 and mpeg-2 video plus Ogg, mp3, Shoutcast, podcasts and MIDI audio. Updates include improved support for video and audio on Treo devices, numerous bug fixes and improved background play.

MMPlayer v2.0.5 for Palm OS is available now for $17.95 and includes a free trial version.

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Gazpacho @ 10/31/2007 4:51:11 PM # Q
With the introduction of TCPMP, MMPlayer got itself in a pretty obsolete position....

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RE: Obsolete
merlefisher @ 11/4/2007 5:07:08 PM # Q
Where can I get the MPEG4 AAC audio decoder for TCPMP. When I installed TCPMP I got a notice that it was removed from the package because of intellectual property considerations.

Please Help!!

RE: Obsolete
sungod @ 11/6/2007 12:52:07 AM # Q
The only way I know of is to pay for Core Player the commercial version of TCPMP.
This also ads WMV & WMA codecs.

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RE: Obsolete
twrock @ 11/6/2007 9:23:17 AM # Q
merlefisher, go to the forums & leave me a private message with your email address.

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competition = good

frankie69 @ 10/31/2007 5:24:27 PM # Q
Agree, wonder who still buys this software...but hey, competition is always great.

Coreplayer has an advatage that it can play H.26 files.

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Glad it's still being worked on

drbuzz0 @ 10/31/2007 11:26:29 PM # Q
It's a top notch video and multimedia player but it's hard to compete with TCPMP with is free and coreplayer which garners a lot of attention.

Just the same I'm glad there's competition and I hope that this product continues to be updated. And yes... I bought it... but a while ago.

It says there is future SWF support planned. Not sure if that'll be by using GNASH or licencing it from Adobe, but that is something I'd get CRAZY EXCITED ABOUT!

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