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BattleJewelsCodeJedi has released a new game for Palm OS devices called BattleJewels. The game is described as the fusion of many genres of game into one addictive whole. It takes the jewel matching puzzler concept to a new level with added elements of action fighting games and role playing games. Players can customize their characters as the game goes on with level ups, buying and selling equipment and learning new moves and spells.

BattleJewels v1.0.2 is available now for Palm OS 5 and higher. Versions for Windows and the GP2X are also available. The game includes a free trial period and costs $13.99 USD for the full game. Read on for a full sized screenshot.

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We need more posts

Gekko @ 10/9/2007 6:16:02 PM # Q

come one people, support the site!

RE: We need more posts
cstamper @ 10/10/2007 11:22:14 AM # Q
Why? Has anyone ever posted on *GAME* anouncments?? I honestly couldn't care less abou this game.

But I have OS 4. :-)

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So *this* is why ShadowPlan hasn't been updated...

hgoldner @ 10/10/2007 11:13:41 AM # Q
I guess if you can put a money making (and that remains to be seen of course) game out, that's going to trump updating existing software....

....and there's no reason ShadowPlan necessarily needs to be updated, just somewhat interesting that this came outta nowhere first.


RE: So *this* is why ShadowPlan hasn't been updated...
skeezix @ 10/10/2007 1:09:58 PM # Q
Shadow Plan is still one of the top applications, though due to the endless hacks applied to the OS SP is showing some worts. (ie: OS bugs are forever popping up as each new variant of the OS breaks things. All told, Shadow works very nicely on most devices, but on a few it can be annoying sometimes. Those oddities hopefully to get sorted out when I get a moment. Anyway.)

BattleJewels is a _standalone_ application -- Shadow is a huge cross platform suite, with hotsync conduits, desktops for Windows, OSX, Linux and the handhelds (including all the crazy APIs like Handera, old Sony, etc), plus a set of utilities and so forth. BJ can be written.. and _finished_. Discrete updates can be made. Productivity applications like Shadow never truly finish .. they evolve and grow forever. So something like BJ can be tackled, even when you've just had a baby and have almost no free time for awhile :) (ie: BJ was almost entirely written over the last year or so, at 3am or so. Sick, but true! On the sleep dep from the baby, I dont' want to be hacking on a conduit right now .. complex stuff ;)

(I had a big discussion about Shadow in here, but to keep on topic I've cut it out. Feel free to email me if you want to know whats goin on re: desktop updates, handheld updates, web versions and so forth. Its a big topic.)


The Shadow knows!

RE: So *this* is why ShadowPlan hasn't been updated...
skeezix @ 10/10/2007 1:12:36 PM # Q
I suppose, to wit .. for anyone whose been watching my sites, blog, or retro habits, this isn't an unknown either; BJ has been in the works on and off for a couple years really, though it only really became a focus about a year ago. Remnants of it can be found all over the Codejedi website for those really digging around. See "Zot" :)

But rambling.. ah, now thats something I can definately pin on the sleep dep :)


The Shadow knows!

RE: So *this* is why ShadowPlan hasn't been updated...
pseudofilosofen @ 10/11/2007 12:43:37 PM # Q

I think I should buy this game - even though I have a Palm Tx - just to keep Jeff going, just to keep Shadowplan alive and (again) kicking. :-)

Anders H. :-)

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