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Intorine has released Plazmoids! v. 1.63, an award-winning space arcade game for Palm OS, which was recently acquired from Visionary Games. Plazmoids! is a space shooting game well-known for its sophisticated visual effects and original gameplay. It boasts sophisticated, 3d-style graphics with animation, quality sound effects, and addictive techno music.
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Review in progress!

hkklife @ 12/19/2005 6:31:03 PM # Q
I'm working on a review of this very title, guys. I just got the registration code for it from PalmGear the other night.

It's surprisingly solid for a POS title and takes advantage of the hardware (finally!). A nice change from the endless parade of day-glo, cookie cutter puzzle "me too" games the Palm gaming scene has been plagued with for years.

Gets my vote for Palm game of the year or at least the top 3. Stay tuned!

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RE: Review in progress!
Zargo Games @ 12/20/2005 6:42:11 AM # Q
Good game, no doubt.
But I do not agree that it, as you wrote:
>>>takes advantage of the hardware (finally!).
>>> A nice change from the endless parade
>>>of day-glo, cookie cutter puzzle
Already for a long time there are good games for
Palm OS. And many.
I wait for a review! Thanks!

RE: Review in progress!
hkklife @ 12/20/2005 12:17:07 PM # Q
Hi Sergey;

Thanks for the information. I was completely unaware of your web site & your games offered there. I'll be sure to check them out!

By my criticisms I meant that I ahve been searching for a FULLSCREEN 320*480 action or arcade style game (not for Zodiacs but regular Palms). No offense meant towards other developers! Just grumbling about the overall lack of variety (and support of existing titles!) on the Palm gaming scene.

Some kind of digitized soundtrack & effects as well as solid d-pad/hard button support are also good extras. Plazmoids even seems "TX friendly" with its lack of a home icon.

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Fun game, but grieviously short
ackmondual @ 12/21/2005 11:03:50 PM # Q
Unlike older pOS hh with solid Graffiti areas, hi-res+ games won't have a gauranteed solid Graffiti area, so game devs can no longer just expect users to tap the home button to quit anymore. These games for hi-res+ would (or should) have an in-game quit option like with PPC and PC games that eat up full screen.

Another way for os5 devices, and this is global for ALL apps is to press and hold the center-nav button for 2 seconds. That's the same effect as if a home/app button were tapped. There are excepctions to this function as some games and apps are either programmed to ignore this function or the 5-way altogether.

Strangely enough, Plazmoids let's you quit this way. Even worse was that center button defaults to "brake", a button you'll be pressing and holding for more than 2 seconds in this game quite often. Luckily, swapping the "change weapon" and "brake" buttons fixed this.


As for the game itself, I gotta say it was kinda short. I'd rather play more levels rather than just count on high scores for replay value. I'm sure adding extra levels would've upped the RAM requirements, so i could understand this. Hard mode added more of that, but still not enough IMHO. Still a fun game none of the less. Runs great in portrait mode on my T|T3. Naturally, landscape was much slower, but still a tolerable framerate, altho I stuck with portrait. Control is great. I prefer stylus for movement only and buttons for shooting and everything else.

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performance increase
ackmondual @ 12/21/2005 11:30:19 PM # Q
BTW, if you insist on better framerates on a T|T3, disable background helps a little on portrait and noticeably more on landscape. Disappointed that there IS an improvement for portrait. I always liked to think that the T|T3 is a top-of-the-line pOS PDA with a muscular 400MHz processor could handle all games that was thrown at it (minus high end emus)
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Video Review of Plazmoids!

jammy2049 @ 12/22/2005 9:39:58 PM # Q
new here :). First post, might as well make it something useful :p

I have a video review of Plazmoids for Palm on my website (Palm section).
I Hope that the video review will be useful. I'm only 17 and do the site in my free time but hope that you will enjoy the video reviews, footage and guides that I do focused on palm gaming :)

Editor - Plank Films Mobile - For your Palm gaming needs :P)

RE: Video Review of Plazmoids!
freakout @ 12/29/2005 6:49:05 AM # Q
Nice site James. Keep it up!

Tim Carroll
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(and big Treo fan)
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